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The exposition replenishes each month.

You can familiarize and order any of submitted here works on lowest in Russia to the prices. The quality is guaranteed by that the works are made by the Russian artists by the professionals in traditions
of the Russian painting.

All prices are specified in US dollars.

The following discounts are stipulated:
5 % - for the sum more than 99,98 $,
10 % - for the sum more than 499,98 $
and 15 % - for the sum more than 999,98 $.

We are in Russia,. Ryazan. (200 kms from Moscow)
More detailed address will be sent according to your desire.
Delivery on Moscow and Moscow area - free-of-charge.
And also 5 % the discount - if you personally will wish to arrive to Ryazan.

If you wish to buy in bulk, just get in touch with us.
We'll surely enter in to a mutually advantageous agreement.

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